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How To Register For E-Aadhaar Card Online

UIDAI is an official constitution of India established to give the Unique Identification Card to every Indian citizen. Aadhaar Card is a central Government endeavor to get the unique identity to every Indian from children to elders. Now if you have already registered for Aaddhar card and filled the Aadhaar enrollment Form, then you can ask for E-Aadhaar Card. E-Aadhaar Card is a new online facility provided for the people who have not received Aadhaar Card since long time. No worries you can temporarily ask for online registration of E-Aadhaar Card which is applicable same as the actual Aadhaar Card. here we are going to provide you the very simple way how to register for E- Aaddhar card. But before that we want to show you the important matters to mind before starting the process of E-Aaddhar card.


  1. First you need to check the Aadhaar Status by verifying your Aadhaar card is approved or not.
  2. You need to have an Adobe Reader to see your E-Aadhaar Card. if not then you must install it before you start downloading E-Aadhaar Card.

If both the criteria are completed then now you can go ahead for downloading E-Aadhaar card. For more info check pancardstatus portal where all such information if available in a step by step guide.

How to download E-Adhaar Card

In the first process of downloading E-Adhaar Card an individual should fill in the right acknowledgement no and date and time in the receipt displayed. After this process you need to enter resident name and pin-code you enter in the enrollment form. Now enter the image shown in the box and click on submit button. Just wait for the time till the computer don’t ask for your mobile no.

  • Enter your mobile no. immediately you will receive one time password SMS in your phone
  • Don’t worry this is a simple verification process you need to follow
  • Enter your OTP No in the appeared box
  • At the end you will be provided a link to download your E-Aadhaar card in the PDF format
  • You need to enter the pin code you applied before to get the E-Aadhaar Card latter.
  • Now you can take a print of E-Aadhhar card latter by commanding on print

So here you are with your printed UID Aadhaar card latter which is valid as real as the actual Aadhaar Card. don’t worry still you have not got your Aadhaar Card you can temporarily get E-Aadhaar Card by the before mentioned guidelines anytime, anywhere.

Ways To Get Web Traffic

You can increase the amount of traffic on your website to enormous amounts by going through and implementing the following time and tested techniques. First of all there is website conversion. Website conversion or website conversion rate is defined as the number of customers who go beyond a casual visit to the website and take an action prompted by either the content creator or by the advertisers or promoters of the content.

Ways To Get Web Traffic

Most of the times people just visit a website casually and in matter of seconds close it without caring for looking further. The main aim of content creator or the advertiser here is to make the visitor take the action desired by the content creator. This concept can be better understood with help of a simple example. Assume the situation when a person visit the website of an artist prompted by an advertiser or promoter. That person leaves the website the moment he realize that nothing interesting is available on the website.

Thus purpose of both the content creator and the promoter fails as the person is not interested in continuing further on the website. In ideal situation the artist would have wanted the visitor to buy his creation. In short website conversion is all about the desired actions which visitors take while visiting the website. Then second comes the targeted traffic which is a prominent factor in increasing the website traffic. Buy Targeted traffic means the traffic to a website consisting of more focused and interested audience who may not just leave the website right away.

Targeted traffic implies to the people who are really interested in the content of the website and will take the much desired action. It simply means that targeted traffic is key concept in determining the conversion rate of a website. For higher conversion rates huge targeted web traffic is needed which in turn depends on the right audience. Therefore appealing to the right people and promoting and advertising to the right audience is most necessary and helps in boosting sales further.

There are some time tested methods that work correctly in this direction. First is adding a proof of your social existence helps to increase conversion rates. These social proofs may include the customer reviews or the customer feedback related to your website. These feedback and reviews definitely helps potential customers in taking decisions. Second is credibility of the website. If a person trusts the website then it is more likely that the person will take the action desired by the content creator or the advertiser. Third is Guarantee of some sorts.

When a visitor is offered a guarantee of any sort then that visitor can put you more trust in your website and most of the times take the desired action. This guarantee considerably alters the conversion rates as the visitor is assure that if something goes wrong then he will not be in any kind of loss. Offering guarantees of longer time duration further increases the conversion rate as it lends more trustworthiness to the website. If all the assurances and trustworthiness you are offering is not seeming to work your website is suffering from low conversion rate then you just outright buy targeted website visitors intended for your website. Many service providers out there offer this type of service in exchange for money.