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Samsung Galaxy Pro – The All-rounder

Nowadays the new smart phones are coming in the form that rarely have the physical keyboards. Most of them have only a virtual keyboard to use. However Samsung Galaxy Pro is like some candy bar. This lies amongst the unique Android phones that are the only existing ones now having a real physical keyboard. It is a newer market segment that has a 2.8 inch touch screen.

It is included amongst the smaller niches touch screen model sets. It resembles as some Motorola charm. The casing is within a dark grey plastic casing. On the back there is a textured finishing along with an opening on the top for camera purpose. At the left side there is a volume rocker.

Samsung Galaxy Pro

Gadget Portrait

You can change the viewing angles of the gadget. It is not terrible at all. Moreover it seems as a portrait of a full sized keyboard. The keyboard is made up of thick rubber material. The gadget is having an array of sensors that includes things like accelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and the digital compass. The Wi-Fi signals boosts up the internet usage. You would find the speaker of the phone to be very loud and eloquent.

It performs its functions very well. The sound quality is pretty awesome. It can muffle music with a full blast with the required boss and trebles at places needed. The call quality is also very suitable. You can make quite loud and clear calls through it. The camera is possessed with the quality of autofocus. The camera of the set can’t be used unless you have not injected your memory card in to it. Also, if you would want, you can increase the performance of this Android device by getting root privileges.

When you take the pictures, they are automatically rotated down to the correct direction. The Samsung Galaxy Pro seems to be very decent and impressing amongst the Samsung sets. The Samsung is not capitalizing the world through its Galaxy phones. This set is the one that has the full QWERTY keyboard. It integrates your inboxes, contacts and calendars. Besides, its screen is very smooth and responsive while on use.

Gorgeous Outlook

This stupendous Samsung smartphone is rising as high as some light engine in the technology world. It allows you to play safer games. The physical appearance has many additions that make it more gorgeous than previous Samsung sets. The micro USB port has a sliding cover that can protect it against dust and dirt. This can open to other elements as well, moreover if by chance gets disrupted won’t ever cause any damage to the phone set. The Samsung Galaxy Pro seems bit wide while holding in hands.

Internal Specs

The set is having its 2G GSM network. The phonebook is practically unlimited; you can save innumerable contacts here. The internal memory storage is not more than 512 MB. The games can be installed as well as downloaded too using Wi-Fi services. The set is available in black as well as white colored casings. It is having a standard battery. It can support FM radio with RDS. You can make HTML browsing to a great extent. The set has its 800 MHz processor.